Matthew Kennard

28 Jun 2021

I feel as though I’m making progress with the Android ARCore task I’m working on - although painfully slowly. The Samsung S7 which I’m now using for this isn’t helping, but at least it has a compass unlike the newer Moto G9 I was using. I’ve got an S10 on order from eBay which should hopefully arrive later in the week.

27 Jun 2021

Another trip to the cricket ground this morning. Now had both Covid jabs. 💉💉🦠

24 Jun 2021

Android augmented reality development is, so far, a big bag of annoyances. I’ve just found out my fairly recent test device lacks a compass so isn’t going to be very useful for the exact feature I’m trying to implement.

23 Jun 2021

22 Jun 2021

Music Bar is a menu bar app that shows you what is currently playing on Apple Music. I’m very much enjoying this recent find.…

20 Jun 2021

Birthday books

IMG 0865

18 Jun 2021

In the past I’ve been slightly scathing of using web technologies to create apps. However I’ve been investigating using Ionic for a potential client project. They already have a massive amount of code written for the web in Angular/TypeScript and this new project will need to work across platforms. It is business facing and wouldn’t be feasible with separate native apps written. Having played with Ionic this afternoon I’m impressed by how far these sorts of frameworks have come and now quite excited about recommending it for this particular project.

14 Jun 2021

Pan fried sea bass and giant couscous for lunch. Working at home has definite benefits for the quality of the food I consume at lunchtime.

12 Jun 2021

Finished reading: Foundation by Isaac Asimov 📚

12 Jun 2021

Saturday morning craft as the children decorate mugs for a great aunt’s 70th birthday.

11 Jun 2021

Shocking static on this evening news that Cornwall has vaccinated more people than the 22 poorest African countries combined.

11 Jun 2021

For me this will be the best improvement to Xcode since I started using Xcode. I’m very excited.

Xcode: Vimpocalypse Now — Erica Sadun

09 Jun 2021

Been playing with ScreenFlow this morning to make a video for one of my apps.

08 Jun 2021

So many dandelion seeds have got caught in these plants that they look like cotton!

07 Jun 2021

Starting the week off with a healthier lunch than I usually make.

05 Jun 2021

My son has reached the age where I’m quite jealous of his birthday presents

29 May 2021

Lost lego

29 May 2021

No mow May

29 May 2021

Some of the wild flowers we planted, and then regretted, last year have come back and doing a wonderful job of attracting bees into our garden.

28 May 2021

Finished reading: The Thing Itself by Adam Roberts 📚

28 May 2021

If AirTags were small enough to attach to my glasses I definitely would have bought some by now.

28 May 2021

Bluebells and dandelion snow

The woods near where I live aren’t very big, so it was a lovely surprise to see such large clumps of bluebells. On...
24 May 2021

Enjoyed Great British Photography Challenge this evening. Great to see so many assignments in one episode, and a nice change that no one is ‘sent home’ at the end.

22 May 2021

My wife bought some shampoo, conditioner and shower bars to try and reduce the number of plastic bottles we buy. The shampoo bar is great and I find it quicker to wash my hair than when messing about opening a plastic bottle and squeezing. However the bars aren’t labelled so I ended up using the wrong one thinking it was conditioner - took a good few washes to remove the feeling of stickiness!

21 May 2021

I’m only just getting round to having a play with Catalyst for creating Mac versions of iOS apps. I’ve been using it over the last couple of days to create a version of my app Classical for macOS. If you enjoy classical music and are an Apple Music subscriber it would be great to get some feedback.

For more information and a download link

Macb1 shuffle

Macb1 works

Macb1 recording

The macOS version of the app will be free with no in-app purchases or adverts.