Matthew Kennard

29 Aug 2021

My transition from shampoo and shower gel in plastic bottles to shampoo and soap bars has been a success. No plastic, less space taken up and quicker to use.

26 Aug 2021

Nice to see they’ve cleaned the water in our local botanical gardens.

26 Aug 2021

I opened my daughters curtains this morning and saw a fox asleep in our garden.

25 Aug 2021

Train Sim World 2 on Game Pass. I’ve been enjoying the Bakerloo Line.

25 Aug 2021

Attempting to photograph a dragonfly

25 Aug 2021

24 Aug 2021

My first visit to the cinema with my wife in over seven years to see a non-Paw Patrol film. Cake and coffee order taken before we went to sit down and then brought to our sofa just before the film started. 🥳

24 Aug 2021

The Cube in Birmingham

19 Aug 2021

I had promised a client a build of an app today. However I’ve got no signal on my mobile - needed to receive the 2FA code so I can get access to App Store Connect. It looks as though there is an issue with a nearby cell tower:


Thankfully it’s not an urgent fix - but a definite annoyance that it can’t be done due to an issue like this!

14 Aug 2021


13 Aug 2021

Each Friday for the past month Apple Music tells me that “Mozart & Contemporaries” by “Vikingur Olafsson” has been released. Each Friday I’ve been disappointed when it turns out the release date is actually in September. Apple is just teasing me.

13 Aug 2021

New release Friday. I’m very much looking forward to playing wurdweb from Apple Arcade and checking out the new classical music releases.

09 Aug 2021

My son sneezed out a wobbly tooth. It might be hiding somewhere in this photo.

01 Aug 2021

Finished reading: The Midnight Library by 📚

22 Jul 2021

Finished reading: Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro 📚

22 Jul 2021

The only time I find it’s cool enough for a brisk walk at the moment is first thing in the morning before starting work. Today I spotted a “rock pool” that someone has made in the river.

22 Jul 2021

I’ve been having a play with Craft Docs and Obsidian recently. However each time I pop back into Emacs/Org mode to do something I’m reminded how much faster it is to get stuff done in Emacs (with ViM emulation) that it will likely ever be in a less keyboard focused app.

21 Jul 2021

I’ve just started ‘playback’ of a GPX file recorded on a train through a location based app I’m working on. I feel as though I need to find a steam train soundtrack to accompany watching it to see if it works correctly.

18 Jul 2021

Our bunnies needed repairing

16 Jul 2021

My son is liking the new Angry Birds released on Apple Arcade today.

15 Jul 2021

The children are off school for the summer holidays. As I’m working at home I am trying to decide if a noise cancelling pair of headphones is needed to keep me sane with the amount of noise they are making!

15 Jul 2021

Morning walk posters

06 Jul 2021

This looks an interesting suggestion from the “Classical You Must Hear This Month” playlist on Apple Music: LANDSCAPES, KNIVES & GLUE - Radiohead’s Kid A Recycled by Wooden Elephant

04 Jul 2021

Tried the Beyond Burger for lunch. I was quite impressed, smelt when cooking just like a ‘real’ burger - and taste was not far off either. I’m a meat eater and my wife is a vegetarian and we both enjoyed them.

03 Jul 2021

My biggest wish for iOS 15 is for AirPods to take priority over other Bluetooth speakers. So many times I’ll be listening to something on AirPods only for the audio to suddenly disappear and reappear on an Alexa which has just been turned on.