Matthew Kennard

03 Sep 2021

For a while now I’ve been using Day One for general note taking during the working day. For planning and document creation (e.g. client proposals for new projects) I use Org mode. I’ve recently been evaluating Obsidian, Craft and Org roam as a better place for my work note taking. I’m not going to go too deeply into Zettelkasten but I do want a way to link notes together - e.g. notes on a project should be linked to that project and then to the client.

Obsidian looks like a great system with a lot of potential. However it is, in my opinion, an untidy interface and has a steep learning curve. Definite kudos for including a ViM plugin - however I’ve found a number of things I couldn’t work how how to do using the keyboard (such as switching focus from the search field to the list of results). Given that I use Emacs it seems silly to go down the Obsidian rabbit hole when I should be able to make Emacs do everything I need.

Craft looks beautiful - and has some very clever ideas and innovations. However it lacks clear ways to hook into automation on macOS, no ViM shortcuts for editing and seems focused on creating nice looking longer documents rather than on taking short notes.

Org roam has always been the obvious choice as I use Emacs/Org mode for so much already. Having watched the excellent videos from System Crafters I feel confident that it will fit very well into my existing ways of working. I could do with spending a little time getting some Alfred integration going for adding quick notes to my daily note, but that will hopefully be easy enough.

I will certainly continue to use Day One for my personal journalling due to its excellent support for photos and videos and the iOS client.