Matthew Kennard

16 May 2022

My attempt at leveraging habit stacking is working well so far. Now into my third week of preceding my afternoon coffee with a 10 minute session of Apple Fitness+ yoga.

13 May 2022

Chinese headings in Apple Music today?!

CleanShot 2022 05 13 at 08 53 06 2x

02 May 2022

My little girl has a poorly eye this morning so we’ve changed our bank holiday plans to playing this:

21 Apr 2022

Introducing my son to home computers of the 1980s with a Top Trump style game.

16 Apr 2022

Spring has arrived (on my desk)

13 Apr 2022

Since getting a 14” MacBook Pro last week I’ve been enjoying some minor updates to my workflow:

  • rcmd is a really fast way to switch apps, I’ve been looking for something like this for years
  • As I still need to run an Intel Linux VM and (only once every few months) a Windows 10 VM I’m using Universal Control with my i7 iMac. The iMac is too old for AirPlay from the MacBook Pro to work - however the seamless keyboard/trackpad switching is pretty good.

(I’ve had to rethink using the USB-C hub I’d bought a while back to connect a HDMI monitor to my iMac - it seems to kill the Wi-Fi on the MacBook Pro.)

13 Apr 2022

I had no idea there was an iOS accessibility setting for those of us who are colour blind. Thanks to the help in Tot for calling this out!

08 Mar 2022

Could we see Apple’s Primephonic replacement launch today?

16 Jan 2022

On the way home from visiting my Mum and the children were playing some noisy game in the back. Glenn Gould came on the radio playing the first Goldberg Variation. Silence - at least for the first minute anyway. Music to make you stop and listen, even if you are 4 or 7.

15 Jan 2022

A couple of new adornments to my desk for 2022. A Lego bonsai tree (Christmas present), and a monitor in portrait orientation.

04 Jan 2022

Back to work today. I stumbled about in Emacs for 15 minutes or so until my memory of the necessary keyboard shortcuts resurfaced.

03 Jan 2022

Christmas Lego bonsai tree completed and ready to join me when I get back to work tomorrow.

24 Dec 2021

Christmas Eve games

22 Dec 2021

Some Christmas edible crafts. The houses quickly collapsed during decorating but were delicious.

09 Dec 2021

Today I’ve finally got around to asking Google how to stop macOS reordering desktops in Mission Control. Turns out the solution is as simple as a checkbox in system preferences.

13 Nov 2021

Big thumbs up for these vegetarian ‘ meat balls’ 👍😋

13 Nov 2021

My son is VERY excited about Lego Star Wars Battles at the moment. Recently he hasn’t touched the Xbox at all - it’s all Apple Arcade games.

06 Nov 2021

Prospect Magazine wins again for first Christmas card of the year

04 Nov 2021

It’s been a long time coming. But I’m enjoying finally getting to use Xcode 13 in ViM mode.

27 Oct 2021

My order from Apple has arrived! Probably the only thing I’ll be buying from them this year.

20 Oct 2021

Miniland (Legoland Windsor)

18 Oct 2021

Just finished Dreamland by Rosa Rankin-Gee 📚. A bleak extrapolation of the near future, but a definite page turner.

14 Oct 2021

What is it with the weird Apple logo my bank is using?

05 Oct 2021

Finished reading: Ready Player Two: A Novel by Ernest Cline 📚

05 Oct 2021

Following on from yesterday’s experiment of offloading thoughts into Tot I’ve been trying to do the same with Org-roam.

I’ve created a little bit of elisp and added it to my .doom.d/config.el:

(defun my-add-to-org-roam-daily-today (text)
  "Add TEXT to the Org roam today daily as an item at the end."
    (goto-char (point-max))
    (insert text)

This creates a new command in Emacs for adding some text as an item to the end of today’s Org-roam daily.

The Alfred workflow calls the Emacs command via emacsclient (so Emacs will need to be running):


It isn’t very forgiving of single/double quotes (and may get confused by other characters potentially), however for my purposes of quickly adding a concise thought to my daily log it does the job.